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AMA Waterways Cruise

My husband and I had a great time on our AMA Waterways Cruise. We sailed on the Paris to Normandy cruise.

The ship, AMALegro, was very comfortable and relaxing. The food was fabulous and meals included wine and beer. We also had a wine maker on board from Santa Barbrara, it was crazy to drink California wine in France! The ship had local entertainment at night; some was entertaining and some was just ok. All the tours and staff were good with a pace that was very relaxing and easy to do. The scenery was absolutely amazing! The owner of AMA, Christine, a young cute blond from Germany, was also on board the AMALegro. She was very nice and courteous and seemed to always want to please the guests. I would highly recommend river cruising for the experienced clientele. It may not be a place for the young, unless you have a group so you can all interact together. We had a few days in Paris after the cruise and had dinner at the Eifel Tower at Le Jules Verne. This was amazing! Truly, a once in a life time opportunity. The view was spectacular and the food exceeded expectations. It is a must do in Paris at least once in a life time. Would I do it again? Absolutely!

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