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Cheri’s trip to Washington DC

Washington DC  is a great city for exploring and for learning history while visiting the locations where events actually took place.

 You can stand in George Washington’s home  at Mount Vernon and see the exact view that he saw so many years ago: it is  breathtaking.  Gettysburg is also a must see when in DC.  Standing on the same land where our soldiers were in battle is unparalleled.  Don't forget to visit the memorials; they are astounding.    Also, all of the museums are spectacular. Recently,  a  new pay museum opened called the News Museum and it has everything you can imagine pertaining to the news.   When you are done visiting all of the sites head to Georgetown for a great place to dine.   Be a tourist and do it all:  Capitol tour,  White house tour, Smithsonian  Spy museum, and all of the monuments.   You won’t be disappointed!