Best Places To Wine Taste In Paris

To be in Paris is to be in the center of the best French wine, because all roads from the wine country of France lead to the capital. While you're in the City of Food immerse yourself in the culture — and a Paris wine tasting just may be the perfect way to begin.

Wine Bar: Le Baron Rouge

Le Baron Rouge has long had a place in Parisian culture, but in recent years it's gone from humble hangout to hipster haven, a preferred format of the bourgeois-bohemians and foodies in the city. If this already sounds obnoxious, not to worry, Le Baron Rouge is a small wine bar thats cozy enough to overcome that ‘out of place’ feeling. The oysters at this bar come with just a bit of lemon and a slice of bread (cheese and charcuterie also an option), and the wine is poured straight from the barrel. Don’t miss this little slice of Parisian heaven.

Wine Musuem: The Musée du Vin

This often overlooked little collection offers a truly fascinating glimpse into the history of winemaking. Some 200 artifacts tell the story of vintnering from earlier periods, and you can also enjoy tasting different varieties of wine in the cellar, nestled within the museum's limestone premises, some of which date to the medieval period.
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Wine Tastings: Tours

There are many companies offering fun and educational wine tastings to tourists and visitors, and some are better (and more reasonably priced) than others. Why not spend an afternoon chilling out in one of these cozy caves and learning about the difference between mineral or oaky notes? We’d love to help you choose the best wine tasting tour, get in contact with us and we’ll help!

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