The Pan Am Experience
Los Angeles

Have you dreamed of the Golden Age of Travel when flying was a magical and marvelous experience? Well, here’s your chance to relive that special era.

As a former Pan Am Flight Attendant, my husband and I were honored to be a part of a wonderful gourmet dining event “on board” an authentic Pan Am 747. This re-created Pan Am double-decker features the iconic 747 spiral staircase & authentic aircraft interior including Pan Am’s First and Business Class seats, “crew” members wearing authentic Pan Am uniforms, and authentic First Class china & stemware, serving carts and more.

I was encouraged to come in my own Pan Am uniform from my flying days. I brought along my Pan Am Training Class diploma, seen here with Anthony Toth, the owner of the Pan Am Experience & the “Captain” on every “flight”.
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From the authentic Boarding Lounge where cocktails are served by Ground Crew members, to the Boarding process, Emergency Announcements & Demonstrations, and the 5-course gourmet dinner, everything about this fabulous evening was true to Pan Am’s heritage as the premier airline that spanned 6 continents and served over 80 countries during its proud 65 year history.
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After dinner we were treated to a tour of the rest of the Air Hollywood set, where everything about flying is carefully recreated, including a TSA Screening room, Boarding Lounges, and cockpit and aircraft interiors. In addition to serving the TV & movie industry, Air Hollywood also conducts Fear of Flying Classes, Open Sky for Autism classes, and K-9 airport & flying training.

I highly recommend this wonderfully memorable evening!