5 Books To Read Before Visiting Ireland

Thinking about visiting Ireland? Here are some books that could help plan your next amazing adventure.
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1. A Short History of Ireland (Richard Killeen)

This is a pocket-sized history of Ireland, from Viking and Norman invasions, Plantation and the Cromwellian wars to the present. Written for visitors and holidaymakers, and published simultaneously in English, French and German, this book is designed as an introduction to Irish history.

2. Ireland: A Luminous Beauty (Peter Harbison)

Ireland: A Luminous Beauty is a collection of stunning full-colour photographs by some of Ireland’s finest landscape photographers with concise text blending history, myth, and a sense of place. Many of the photographs were taken in the early morning light or as the sun set. That hour after sunrise and before sunset, with the sun low in the sky, is known to photographers as the golden hour and favoured for its soft, diffused light. You will not regret going through this fascinating visual journey.

3. McCarthy’s Bar: A Journey of Discovery in Ireland (Pete McCarthy)

Despite the many exotic places Pete McCarthy has visited, he finds that nowhere else can match the particular magic of Ireland, his mother's homeland. In McCarthy's Bar, his journey begins in Cork and continues along the west coast to Donegal in the north. Traveling through spectacular landscapes, but at all times obeying the rule, "never pass a bar that has your name on it," he encounters McCarthy's bars up and down the land, meeting fascinating people before pleading to be let out at four o'clock in the morning.

4. A Secret Map of Ireland (Rosita Boland)

Inspired by a childhood map, the author set out on a journey into the 32 counties of Ireland. Intriguing us about the very places we think we know, this title presents a travelogue - the underside of the map of home.

5. I Never Knew That About Ireland (Christopher Winn)

In this wonderful compendium, Christopher Winn gives a tour of the four provinces of Ireland---Connacht, Leinster, Munster, and Ulster. Find out where dreams were inspired, ideas were born, and where the unforgettable heroes of Ireland’s past now slumber. A treasure trove of fascinating stories, I Never Knew That About Ireland is packed full of information on the colorful history of the Emerald Isle.

This irresistible book gives a captivating insight into the heritage, memories, and monuments that have shaped each county in Ireland, searching out their secrets and unearthing their hidden gems.